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Music is going through an incredible moment. New music is heard now more than ever and we have access to it where and when we want to.

Hundreds of thousands of artists upload their songs to digital platforms so that anyone can listen to them, wherever they are. Technology has allowed us to finally get rid of the physical format and release content, which flies over the Internet at a speed never seen before.

But something happened along the way that we did not like. What used to be a tool for global dissemination of new authors has ended up becoming the place where a few dominate the market, fill commercial music playlists and overshadow everything else. Doesn't that sound familiar to you? How is it possible that with more music than ever we all listen to the same artists? What is the sense that platforms lead our options to the artists that interest them?

We believe in digital platforms, they have managed to universalize access to music, and that's a lot. But we also believe that music should not be just a business. It is also part of our culture, of what we are. This is why we believe that music platforms should have a much more sensitive approach towards the material they work with.

It is the responsibility of those who have the power of diffusion to ensure that music continues to be a value, a wealth that will advance us as a species. New voices, new sounds, new ideas.

That is what moves us, and for this reason MusicList was born, a community in which music comes first. A place to discover new artists with whom we can continue growing together. A community in which in addition to discovering new talents, you will be part of those who love music above anything else.


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MusicList is a member of Barcelona Tech City, a private non-profit association, driven by local entrepreneurs. Barcelona Tech City, works to position Barcelona as one of the main technology hubs of reference in Europe. Currently they exceed 500 members, with more than 100 organized activities.


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