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  • What is MusicList?

    MusicList is an open platform for all those who love and want to discover new music. On MusicList you will find the best music playlists updated daily. Here you will find the playlists of the main music radios, playlists of the most listened songs by country, music playlists by genres, moods, moments, the latest news of the music industry and much more.

  • How do you know the most played songs for each country?

    We get this information from several data providers and we update daily all the playlists to be able to offer the latest updates so you can listen to today's best music.

  • Is it legal to listen to music on MusicList?

    Of course! Here at MusicList you will never find any illegal download or link. All the music that you will find on MusicList is completely legal and can be listened to by legal streaming from legal sources.

  • Do you have any other questions?

    Just send us an email to and we'll be glad to get back to you as soon as possible.

  • ¿Where do you get the information for the artist profiles of the artists section?

    We create this information with great care, reviewing the information of various sources so that all the users can enjoy reading about the details of these artists while they listen to their music. You can find all the MusicList artist bio's available here:

  • Can I listen to playlists made by influencers?

    Sure! On MusicList we have several playlists created by our beloved influencers who update their playlists with their current favorite tracks. You can discover and listen to their music here:

  • Can I listen to the music radios on MusicList?

    Yes! You can listen to the playlists of the music radios as well as listen live all the radios available through the TuneIn integration.

  • What can I find in the Moments section from MusicList?

    In the Moments section you will find a great selection of thematic music playlists. Here is where you'll enjoy the best playlists by genre, mood, event, and much more!

  • What are the playlist of cities?

    On these cities playlists you can listen to the most played songs on these available cities. ¡Enjoy the music that most people are listening on your own city!

  • Can I listen to music albums on MusicList?

    Of course! In the Albums and Singles section you can listen to a wide catalog of singles, CD compilations and trending albums.

  • ¿MusicList tiene APP móvil?

    ¡Sí! MusicList tiene aplicación tanto para iOS como para Android. ¡No pares de escuchar y descubrir música con la APP de MusicList!

    Puedes descargar la aplicación aquí: